Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This has saved our school year!

I have a very challenging class this year. I have 41 6th grade students who are poorly driven! They lack the interest to learn and the drive to show improvement. School attendance is getting worse. Reading level is sadly a frustration.

Thanks to WBT Super Improver Wall for giving my students huge reason to do their best. This addresses the problem in school attendance and their poor drive to learn thus far!

With the visuals of how they are doing in the class, it feels great to see these students perform their very best! Oh yeah!

Thanks WBT

Thanks to WBT for the wonders you do in my class. I was observed by my Supervisor and my Principal today. With WBT, I was able to conform with the observation standards. This includes maximum student participation and collaborative learning. Student-centered instruction it was!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Lesson: Changing Statements into Questions

Skill: Oral Language Fluency and Grammar

WBT Tool: Teach-Okay

Student 1 gives the statement with be-verbs

Student 2 changes the statement into simple question

Say SWITCH and the students change roles.

Fun burst: Do the roller coaster switching!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

SuperSpeed Grammar and WH+ Questions

SuperSpeed Grammar and WH+ Questions

After my students learned the parts of speech using the Electronic SuperSpeed Grammar from Coach B, I had an AHA! moment.

Our lesson was about interrogatives-the use of WH+ questions. Everyday, we do superspeed sentence. My students must write well structured sentences with article, adjective, noun, verb, adverb and  prepositional phrase.

I realized I can use their SuperSpeed sentences to generate WH+ questions.


SuperSpeed Sentence:

The amazing boy runs fast in the mountain.

WH+ Questions
Who runs fast in the mountain?
What does the boy do in the mountain?
How does the boy run?
Where does the boy run?

Answers are all in their superspeed sentence.

To practice the speaking skill of my students, I plan to use this during our teach-okay. S1 asks the question while S2 answers the question. This activity allows my students to practice the target language while mastering elementary grammar, using interrogatives and answering in complete sentences.

Indeed, the possibilities in Whole Brain Teaching never stops! It's growing and it's working! Ooohhh! Teacher heaven!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

SuperSpeed Sentence

We are about to end our SuperSpeed Grammar lesson. This gem from Coach B offers straightforward instruction in mastering the parts of speech and in writing well structured sentences.

To turbo-charged our grammar lessons and sentence construction, we will start our SuperSpeed Sentence game. Everyday, in three minutes, students will write sentences with article, adjective, noun, action verb, adverb and prepositional phrase. For variety, I will ask them to use linking verbs or helping verbs at times.

After three minutes, they willexchange their outputs to their neighbor. Neighbor will check capitalization, punctuation, spelling and subject-verb agreement.

I will write their best time record on the board and they have to beat that everyday. This is how we will compute their record: highest score+lowest score. The purpose of this formula is to encourage them to do their best and avoid getting low scores. If the lowest score is a high score, then there is more chances of beating their records. If they beat their records, I will add 30 seconds to the time limit.

Everyday, while trying to beat their records, they will hopefully build up on writing creative sentences while mastering the mechanics of writing with subject-verb agreement.

We tried this game last week and they were all FOCUSED. It feels great seeing my students do their best...A TASTE OF TEACHING HEAVEN! Oh yeah!


Your opinions matter. Please let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Collaboration is the Key

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin

In our Filipino subject, I asked my students to make a movie roll featuring a fable that interests them. I grouped them randomly and after a week, they were able to come up with their outputs.

They thought it was just as simple as that. To their surprise, I told them that they will use the movie roll in their movie presentation. They have to transform the classroom into a MOVIE HOUSE.

We had a short discussion of the features of a movie house and I gave them the criteria that I will use in rating their performance: creativity, performance and teamwork. I gave them a week to prepare.

On the big day, they came in with their varied materials. They brought curtains, flashlights, speakers, scripts and other props to support their movie. The five groups amazingly showed their presentation excellently. Some also showed creative skit as their infomercials. Others acted as dubbers while some worked as technical staff. They were all cooperative.

This was our first group activity in Filipino. It was fun seeing them do their best with their teammates and displaying their creativity together.

This post might be contradicting to my earlier post about how I noticed their drive to perform. One thing I learned, this amazing group of students learn better when they collaborate with each other. Hence, I have to develop learning opportunities that suit their styles. I am planning to do a variation of WBT's teach-okay this year that will cater to group collaboration and that deserves another post.

Things are getting better this year and I hope to discover more about my students so I can provide them learning opportunities that will encourage them to perform at their best.

We ended the day with the Scoreboard. I rewarded them with TWO HUGE SMILEY POINTS on our weekly scoreboard and they responded with a MIGHTY GIGANTIC Oh yeah!

SIW to the Rescue!

School year 2014-2015 was an amazing academic year for me. I had highly engaged students who were always receptive to do challenges and always willing to show improvement. They never failed me… and YES, I had a taste of teacher heaven last year. This was the year when I became certified WBT instructor. I admit I owe it to the amazing students of Dasol Central School batch 2015 who are now in their 7th grade.

However, this year seems to be a different story. I have 46 students. I can notice the apparent difference. They are not receptive to the challenges I give them. Poor enthusiasm is evidently displayed every day. There are some of them who are always willing to excel but majority shows otherwise. I see less motivation in their drive to perform excellently. Uuuhhh! Challenging class!

I wonder if I am still absorbed by my students last year and I can’t ignore but to compare my new students. What is noticeable is they are not engaged. They are not enthusiastic. They are not determined. This is my observation after our two months of the school year. I already introduced to them the basics of Whole Brain Teaching. Although they are active as we do the core of WBT but I cannot refuse to admit that something is lacking. And that is their enthusiasm to meet curriculum standards.

I didn’t introduce the Super Improver Wall yet. I plan to use it in the second semester and that will be on our fifth year. Last year, SIW was introduced three months before the National Achievement Test and it caused tremendous turbo-charged of my Whole Brain Teaching journey. It made positive impact in my classroom management. It has amazingly driven my students to perform at their very best. So I decided this year to introduce it not as early as the first semester but on the commencement of the second semester.

Nevertheless, as I continue to see the glitches in my class, as I continue to feel disappointment in their poor motivation, I am now thinking to use SIW ahead of my planned schedule. I think, this is the best way to push my pupils and drive them to improvement and excellence. As much as I want to hold-up the use of SIW, I can feel the necessity.

The Super Improver Wall is a WBT gem that fuels up everything in the classroom. It can be used to turbo-charged my pupils to excel. It is an effective motivation tool to address behavioural and academic concerns. One reason of its effectiveness I believed is it provides visual image of how one is improving. It is also a good feedback for the students of his performance in a holistic fashion.

I hope that the necessity to use SIW this year is in good timing and hopefully it will be sustained until the end of the school year. With my fellow wibbeteers around the world, I know I have the best support to keep up with challenges of the academic year and with WBT, I am positive that this year will be an amazing if not the best year for my 6th grade students!